Musings of Muesli

When you realise how easily and quickly you can whip-up this homemade muesli, you’ll never ever contemplate spending that R150 on the smallest bag of granola that always has that one ingredient that you absolutely despise!

Perhaps there is some international treaty, signed by all parents as their induction into the profession that states that ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ and it is essential to speak life into this and convince all parent’s that you are only doing the right thing by sending your child to school stuffed on wholesome goodness that will energise them throughout the day. Well, let it be known that this statement was golden in my home growing up.

I have clear memories of my mum waking up early, creating a spread that would rival any continental breakfast, however, one thing stood in the way of me falling into the clutches of gluttony – I was never a breakfast kind of gal growing up. But seeing as I was loved, remember I said I was the last born for nine glorious years, my mum made sure that I had something to fill me up until the first break bell rang for lunch. I will touch on this but is it not odd that by ten o’clock when most of the world is contemplating breakfast, I like Pavlov’s dogs, was primed to devour my lunch in the name of school spirit.

Nonetheless, my lavish breakfast spreads came to an end when I was shipped off to boarding school to ‘better my understanding of the world’ as my parents proudly declared. The thing about boarding school breakfast is that you had a choice; you could have a hot meal, which if you listened closely enough, carried the cheers of teacher’s worldwide, and the cold option – a measly three breakfast cereal choice that after its repetitive cycle had the ability to break the strongest of characters. It is safe to say that in my lifetime, I will never be able to smell, let alone eat a bowl of bran flakes, nature’s choice granola or my once beloved Futurelife.

So, here I find myself, a twenty-year-old student stuck on what my choices for breakfast are. Despite my countless attempts to miss breakfast all together and start my day off with lunch later in the day, I have never been able to break my conditioning of eating breakfast followed by a tea at ten o’clock. Pavlov is turning in his grave as I type this but we will table this and perhaps one day I’ll shatter the academic institution that dictates my life and in doing so establish a rivalled theory that questions routine.

But alas, I still find myself needing something to bide my stomach over while I count down the hours to my lunch. So in the name of research (and not a selfish endeavour to provide myself with a breakfast that would take me back to my younger years at home) I sought to make myself a muesli that would be brought up at teacher’s conferences world wide with headlines that declared ‘She’s broken the mould, Korkor’s muesli is the one cure to the battle of breakfasts’ 

I made this muesli in 25 minutes at ten o’clock at night (the irony is not lost on me) to feed my hungry inner being who would rise and screech the next morning. This muesli combines the breakfast staple , oats, but also the currency of the past, quinoa, to create a muesli base that can be chopped and changed so easily that it never becomes the mind numbing cereals that saw me through my high school years.

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