Oh, Sweet Potato

I have never been one to scream praise to a vegetarian meal ,however, my take on ‘meat free Monday’ taco, may lead me to the ultimate conversion.

With Cape Town entering code red water shortages, I feel as if it’s my duty ,albeit small to save water. Now my single attempt to go against the meat industry’s excessive use of water (unfortunately short-lived due to my love of red meat) saw me questioning how I would live my #TacoTuesday best life without the sacrosanct of meat…

Enter the humble ,although aptly named, Beauregard Sweet Potato – in all of its golden glory.

My love of Sweet Potato began in an unconventional manner due to my mother’s enforcing that we be ‘polite, accept what we are given and NEVER let it be known that you don’t enjoy something that someone has fed you’. I was on a weekend leave to a friend’s house #boardingschoolchild, when I found myself at the table being offered sweet potatoes.

Now, up until this point, I had vehemently refused to let a purple skinned potato anywhere near my mouth and on countless times refused dinner after my mum had surreptitiously snuck it in, in the hopes of weening her children away from the spudsy potato. But here I found myself, prisoner to an orange chip, wishing that I had given it a try.

What happened next set about an astronomical turn of events, that I’m sure jolted my mum who was a mere 600kms away. Korkor Opai-Tetteh had eaten a sweet potato and she had become a sweet.p convert. Everything that I once loved that was a testament to the mighty, famine-fighting potato was replaced by the royal purpled skin and its equally golden orange brother, sweet potato.

Now, if I went into my come-to moment with beans, you would believe that I was a malnourished, starch-loving child, who barely escaped the clutches of the fussy child syndrome.

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