Ice Cream Mecca

In the spirit of 2018 being my year (You do You, Lean In, The life changing magic of not giving a F**K – shout out to my sisters preaching treat yoh self) I have adopted a misguided attempt to live a life best suited for me, to fully embrace my body being a temple and nourish it with wholesome good food. However, this journey to self-discovery doesn’t leave much room for a weekly treat and despite my inclination to cut corners, I have a discovery fitness test coming up and if I am awarded low points, my mother will never let it go that we should be a category higher, if her children weren’t so lazy. So, I found myself at a cross-roads: do I give up on my attempt to be the highest point generating child of parents or do I indulge in the delicious treats the world has to offer.

I have quite a few treats that I find myself dreaming about and let me tell you, ice cream is quite high up on the list. Ice cream is a treat; no one in the world can say that it is not. The cold dairy against a hot summers day or even a cold winter’s night has the ability to warm you from within and remind you of a happier time. And I, my dear friends, have some happy memories of ice cream.

I cannot remember a time in my life where I have not been infatuated with ice cream. I can have absolutely any type of ice cream, with any type of topping and be content for the next few hours, blissfully remembering the texture and the flavour. If you want to impress me, take me for some good ice cream – I am a cheap date people!


This is me enjoying ice cream at home, I may not look content but let me tell you, this ice-cream was delicious!

Now for my inner musing about ice cream: in 2014/2015, I was imprisoned in hospital. I was put on bed rest in isolation, not allowed to move and I was connected to three machines that let out a wail to let me know they were still wining and were the reason for my capture. To be completely honest, I still get shivers when I see a Smith and Nephew V.A.C machine. There was nothing too exciting about this time in my life; in fact it was utterly mind-numbingly boring but it did provide me with some of my best ice cream memories.

My dad may be one of the funniest people I know (behind my mum of course, she’s an absolute conversational queen). At 61 years old, he has declared that he will no longer live a life, depriving himself of the delicious treats that I have sworn to give up. His exact words being ‘I’ve lived the majority of my life choosing not to have a slice of cake when I feel like it, from this point on, I will no longer live like this’ so for the past five year, my dad has been doing just that, enjoying the finer things in life and fully embracing ‘You Do You’. You’re probably thinking that this girl is on some tangent but let me tell you, everything will come together soon.

Anyways, there I was, a prisoner to the hospital, living an exceptionally boring life when my dad, on his newfound outlook on life, proposed we embark on our own food expedition, right from my hospital bed. This began the tale of ‘Korkor and Daddy’s road to Ice Cream Mecca’. Every night, after visiting hours had finished my dad would bring two different Häagen Dazs ice-cream flavours for us to try and critique. I have tasted every flavour that Häagen Dazs has in South Africa, I have mixed endless combinations of ice cream. I have created some stellar combinations while others automatically trigger a gag reflex. Häagen Dazs South Africa, I have vital information at my mercy, feel free to let your people get a hold of my people.

Nonetheless, I have some of my most treasured memories with ice cream in a hospital bed. I could share some of the stories but I’m selfishly keeping them for my dad and I while others I have simply forgotten. But what has remained was that extraordinary feeling of sharing something so special with my dad and the most important guest, ice-cream that calls for thousands of flavours and memories that are evoked every time I cheat and move further way from wining the family points. Perhaps my constant rebuking of my new fit life is the true testament of me leaning in.

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