About Me

My name is Korkor Opai-Tetteh and I’m living up to my millennial reputation of believing that I can make a difference in this world by starting the umpteenth food blog.

What can I say, I am a millennial and I do love food so why not share my experiences.

When I am not fantasising about food ,this is a very rare occurrence, I am studying Medicine at the University of Cape Town. My one true belief is that if I am unable to heal everybody that enters my life, I can at least try to feed them.

So here I find myself, trying to live my best cooking life while simultaneously reassuring my parents that I do in fact intend to finish studying and enter into the ranks of the many doctors that have graced my family and the world.

What would this ‘about me page’ be without a few fun facts about my life:

  1. I believe that Mindy Kalling and I will be best friends if we ever get the chance to meet.
  2. I am of Ghanaian and Ugandan heritage but grew up and live in South Africa.
  3. I am the third child out of four. I was the last born for a good nine years of my life so it is safe to say that I have experienced the coveted position.
  4. I am a proud member of the 2% of the world who detest avocado, the texture genuinely messes with my head.
  5. I have not eaten pork since 2004 #longlivebabe.
  6. I have generated a mental block against fish but I’m slowly trying to learn to love it.
  7. If all goes to plan, I should graduate in 2021, meaning that I will have been in an academic institution since circa 1999.
  8. I can recite the entire Wild Child script, including all the prompts, steps, songs and etc.
  9. I binged watched the entire series of The Office in seven days and allocated characters to people in my life. My sister has strangely transformed into Dwight.
  10. Most importantly, I discovered my love of food when I could not get enough of BBC lifestyle’s roster of Come Dine With Me, Jamie Oliver, Nigella, Gordon and any show that slighty mentioned cooking, food and eating.