Be in Nature with Happy Earth People

In a time where load shedding is in abundance (I honestly was so confused when it started again, I was sure that it finished in 2010), cooking food requires the art of planning ahead. This has not been my strong suit, I’m more of a cook when I’m hungry and enjoy it then. This was my downfall, and resulted in mind consuming hunger while I counted down the seconds until the power was back on. From this we reached a quick pesto pasta that was made bulkier by spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms and topped off with Happy Earth People Pasta . This isn’t the most inventive but I will tell you that it is a crowd pleasing quick-dinner when the cloud of load shedding is looming overhead. … More Be in Nature with Happy Earth People

Moroccan inspired Chickpea Pasta

For my 21st birthday, two,of my oldest friends gave me a tagine. I cannot even stress enough, how much this tagine means to me. If you don’t know what tagine is, I am glad to introduce you because ,like it has to become to me, it will surely be your favourite object. Think of a tagine, like a slow cooker. You do all the work in the beginning and then you leave it to do it’s magic and you come back to a warming pot of food. 

Today I combined my love of Morocco, a tagine and chickpeas to make a pasta that is entirely warming and refreshing at the same time. Although the tagine is the money maker, the chickpea reigns Queen with both actual chickpeas and Happy Earth People’s chickpea pasta.
 … More Moroccan inspired Chickpea Pasta

Warm Glow Plate

Today I made a warm glow plate to accompany my garlic serving. It should be a bowl but being a sibling of nine million and one children means that the majority of the houses crockery is upstairs in rooms until one the cretins decides its time to bring them down. So, I give you the warm glow plate … More Warm Glow Plate

Ice Cream Mecca

I cannot remember a time in my life where I have not been infatuated with ice cream. I can have absolutely any type of ice cream, with any type of topping and be content for the next few hours, blissfully remembering the texture and the flavour. If you want to impress me, take me for some good ice cream – I am a cheap date people! … More Ice Cream Mecca

Ice Cream Mecca

I have quite a few treats that I find myself dreaming about and let me tell you, ice cream is quite high up on the list. Ice cream is a treat; no one in the world can say that it is not. The cold dairy against a hot summers day or even a cold winter’s night has the ability to warm you from within and remind you of a happier time. … More Ice Cream Mecca

Lies of my Mother

I’m sure growing up, everybody’s mum has told a few white lies to maintain a semblance of order in their home. My mother is guilty of telling us a few more than a thousand. The list of lies I have been told and unfortunately believed is endless. For starters, the majority of my life, I … More Lies of my Mother